Daniel Torres

Daniel Torres

Daniel has been working as a security officer since 2011, and for the past three years he has protected the Facebook campus in Menlo Park. Daniel enjoys interacting with his co-workers as a “breaker,” taking over for other security officers during their breaks.

Daniel is a member of SEIU-United Service Workers West. In his union, he experiences people from all walks of life coming together to find solutions that work for everyone.

Daniel was born and raised in Redwood City and has experienced firsthand the displacement of our communities throughout the Bay area. As part of the Essential Workers Council, Daniel aims to find solutions for others who feel like they are being pushed out of their homes.

During the pandemic, Daniel also experienced the toll financial stress, health issues, and isolation can have on mental health. An advocate for mental health, Daniel believes this begins with adequate healthcare, something many working people do not yet have.

Daniel lives in Menlo Park.