Deo Agustin

Deo Agustin

Deotina is the founder of Mind Builder Center, a childcare program she runs out of her home. Even while caring for, teaching, and feeding up to 12 children every day, Deotina began attending school part time, and in 2018 received her Child Development Teacher Credential.

In 2017, Deotina and other childcare providers formed a union now called “Child Care Providers United.” Through the union, childcare providers now have a voice and a seat at the table to advocate themselves, and the children they are caring for.

During the pandemic, Deotina has continued to provide childcare for other essential workers. Despite the fears and difficulties that she has faced working during a public health crisis, she is glad she is able to provide a critical service and remain a constant during these difficult times. In her spare time, she assembles care packages for her clients and other families in her community.

As a member of the Council, Deotina strives to represent both the needs of the children and childcare providers, many of which have been left without healthcare, proper personal protective equipment, and overall guidance during the COVID-19 crisis.

Deotina lives in San José with her husband and daughter.