Jude Carpio

Jude Carpio

Jude has worked as a care worker in the South Bay for over 16 years, first working with adults with physical and developmental disabilities and most recently with elderly people living with dementia and alzheimers.

Ten years ago, Jude connected with PAWIS (Pilipino Association of Workers and Immigrants) where he has organized for higher wages, back pay, overtime pay and helped fellow workers learn about their rights in the home care industry.

During the pandemic, Jude has seen how even though his work is essential, he and his coworkers have felt invisible to the outside world. Many were not provided with PPE by their employers, instead being asked to recycle masks while working in high-risk environments with some of the most vulnerable clients.

Along with other PAWIS members, Jude helped organize donation drives to ensure workers across their industry have the PPE they need, and learning sessions about the Black Lives Matter movement and indigenous rights in the United States.

Jude is excited to serve on the Council because he knows that so much more is possible when working people join together to demand their rights. He is excited to advance policies that support the wellbeing of frontline workers across industries and the needs of the clients he serves.

Jude lives in San José with his mom and sister.