Maggie Levantovskaya

Maggie Levantovskaya

Since 2016, Maggie has taught as a part-time adjunct and now a full-time lecturer in the English department of Santa Clara University. She became active organizing with SEIU 1021 several years ago to address issues of job security, living wage salaries, academic freedom and basic respect at work.

During the pandemic, Maggie and fellow faculty members have played a primary support role for students, with remote classes serving as the main social contact for many. Yet, faculty have not had a say in important institutional decisions affecting student and faculty health such as the university’s reopening plans. When faculty members don’t have the support and stability they need, the student population suffers as well.

As a council member, Maggie is excited to bring her experience working inside higher education to advocate for changes that all working people need across industries — including strong health care benefits, paid sick leave, living wages, and job security. As a person living with chronic illness, she has experienced the stress of being uninsured and knows that working conditions have a huge impact on long-term health.

She hopes the Council can work to advance a stronger public safety net for all, while raising wages so that more working people have the funds they need to support themselves and their families now and into the future, especially here here in the Bay Area.

Maggie lives in Oakland.