Monte Wright

Monte Wright

Monte has worked as a surgery nurse for over 25 years, 14 of those with Kaiser in San José. He became a representative with the California Nurses Association ten years ago out of a desire to help other nurses fight for their rights in the workplace.

During the pandemic, Monte and fellow CNA members and coworkers have faced the most stressful conditions of their careers and had to fight for every basic protection to keep nurses and patients safe — from masks and PPE to testing and contact tracing. And yet, he is proud of how they faced the pandemic head-on and consistently worked to keep themselves, their coworkers, and patients safe.

As a member of the Essential Workers Council, Monte is excited to share lessons from workers on the frontlines of the pandemic that can guide how we move forward, knowing we can’t go back to the way things were.

He hopes the Council can advance changes that invest in and support small businesses, treat all workers with respect, give everyone the opportunity to advance and to ensure fair and equitable housing for all.

Monte lives in San José with his wife and four children.